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GCS and the impending Brexit process !

GCS are working hard behind the scenes to ensure seamless customer delivery in any outcome

Presently GCS Have:

·      A team internally to manage Brexit

·      Aligned with Customs Experts with a focus on having options inhouse if there is a Hard Brexit

·      Working with Government departments - DFT, HMRC, Border Force - to ensure we are informed on behalf of our customers.

What has GCS in place going forward?

·      Remaining fully engaged in the Brexit process.

·      Ensuring that both our and our clients’ interests are taken into account - on tariffs, declarations and free movement of goods.

·      ETSF & Bonded Warehousing options in London & Southern Ireland to accommodate client needs, with options for localised stock holding if required·      In Country GCS team being your “Boots on the ground” in Ireland to help with any issues that may arise.

What if there's No-Deal? (HARD BREXIT)

With no trade agreement in place GCS would need to treat your Irish export and import Pallets & Parcels the same way you would treat international export Pallets & Parcels.

Exporting to and importing from Ireland

In the recent Technical Notes issued by the government on 23 August 2018, businesses are advised to:

Put steps in place to renegotiate commercial terms to reflect any changes in customs excise procedures and any new tariffs that may apply to UK-EU terms. Clients will be responsible for all Duty and VAT payments.
GCS has already started to amend contracts to reflect this clause, and we recommend that our customers do the same with their contracts.

Businesses should consider acquiring customs software and/or engage a customs broker.
GCS has already put measures in place establishing an ETSF at LHR with customs software, ASM sequoia to accommodate transits, and our customers can also rest assured that being AEO accredited for both customs and security, we are well placed to manage their imports & exports with Ireland.

Businesses must use product classification codes and check whether any of their goods need an export licence.
This will be essential to ensure your customers pay the right amount of duty, and we recommend that you start the process early by using the government website for classification of goods (

In the event of no trade agreement being in place, you will need to provide commercial or pro forma invoices with the export entry data for us to be able to export your goods.

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